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Food Traceability Software Systems

Food Traceability Software Systems

Food Traceability Software Systems, cost effective and capable of fully integrating with existing 3rd party software and hardware, to include scales and industrial terminals. Compliance software ideally suited to meat, poultry and fish manufacturing. Eliminate manual and paper process’s effortlessly. The Nucleus software is modular and will not only integrate with your current back office systems it will work with you, your process’s and procedures, there is no need to change the way you work to accommodate the software. All that will change is data will be fed to the users via a screen or scanner. Labelling will include all the information you require. No more data input, eliminating those inevitable human errors.

Food Traceability Software Systems – Field to Fork

Each and every product that arrives at your goods in area can be labelled and scanned. This will automatically update the batch information. This information is traceable all the way to the store. As the produce is processed and picked and split, each batch code can be traced back to the originating supplier. The information is fed to the back office automatically and if a recall should happen or any compliance issues are raised, the food traceability software systems will clearly be able to track the entire process in one simple report. The software adheres to M&S, BRC and HACCP process’s and procedures.

Food Traceability Software Systems – Cost effective

Additionally we recognise that this can be perceived as a cost to the business. Not only is our software proven, tried and tested it is one of the most cost effective on the market today. As a rule the software will pay for itself within the first 30 days. Consider no more manual inputting of data, freeing up valuable administration times, no lost paperwork or picking lists and above all else, full compliance. Backed by Bizerba, developed originally in the UK we have now expanded the offering to the United States. All the engineers in every state are now trained. Due to the time zones between the US and UK, we can now offer 24/7 support.

Finally now that we have complete coverage we are now able to offer free demonstrations on our Food Traceability Software Systems. This includes any or all of the Nucleus modules. No matter what your requirements are with regard software. If you are in the food industry we will have come across a similar scenario in the past. With decades of experience and backed by Bizerba engineers then you can be confident in our commitment to you. Contact us today for more information on our portfolio of software solutions to the food industry.

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